Common Man interior – anything but average

Foolscap is a design studio bursting at the seams with energy and creativity and they have brought this enthusiasm to a recent project within Melbourne’s newest restaurant and bar enclave Eddie Muto, partner of Common Man.

Acting as interior design consultants they used the central theme of what every average Australian has in common – their home in the suburbs. To execute this idea they decided to correlate Melbourne’s suburbs within the Common Man layout and interior. An aerial view of the restaurant highlights the north, south, east and west areas of Melbourne with every area given a specific aesthetic, reflecting Melbourne’s history.

The north is represented by the textile industry reflected in the lighting fixtures and textured concreted floors. The leafy eastern suburbs are conveyed with a green wall and terracotta.  The beachy south has a summery feel and the industrial docklands to the west will be represented by a warning yellow and steel grey fit out.

Everyday residential building materials have been used in the design – bringing the exterior into the interior. The canopy for the kitchen is finished in familiar red ceramic roof tiles and bricks and besser blocks have been used to build internal storage/bars and joinery. A green wall at the back of the space that acts as a garden in the leafy inner east suburbs.

Adele hopes that as diners return they will experience each area in the restaurant and find a favourite – perhaps outside of their own stomping ground!


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