Introducing … Daniel Rosette – Manager – The Boatbuilders Yard

Hospitality has its ways of sucking you in, it’s really social, it’s fun and you don’t take your work home with you at the end of the day. What’s not to like? That’s why Dan has been working in hospitality for 14 years. He’s worked overseas and in Melbourne he’s run his own venue in Northcote, worked at Riverland and now works with Dave Sharry and Richie Ludbrook as a manager/barista/bartender (what some would call a ‘slashie’) at The Boatbuilders Yard.

Dan makes his way to work riding along the Yarra in the early morning and over a day will sip his way through 8 coffees. They use Genovese coffee and Dan gives it the thumbs up because you can ‘drink it all day, every day’. Some of us would be levitating off our seats with that much caffeine but not Dan who is calm and relaxed. Surely Dan is not alone. We’re looking for others who are more than 8-a-day to have a coffee-off with Dan. Let’s figure out how serious this coffee addiction in Melbourne really is. Show yourselves!


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