Introducing … Dave Carroll – Venue Manager – The Common Man

If your name is Dave, you will feel right at home at The Common Man. There’s the head chef, Big Dave, there’s Swedish Dave who also works in the kitchen, so he’s Ikea Dave. And there’s Pretty Dave, the venue manager who you’ll no doubt meet when you drop in for a visit.

Dave has been working in hospitality ‘forever’ and enjoys giving people good service and good food whether it be at a busy bar or the laid-back atmosphere of  The Common Man. Drop in of an evening and you might find Dave quaffing his perfect knock-off drink, Running with the Bulls Tempranillo – definitely a wine that reflects both his friendly and relaxed demeanor and the feel of The Common Man.

Ladies, one thing to note – Pretty Dave has started 2012 with the new years resolution of quitting coffee (rumour has it it was to get in shape for the ladies), and aside from feeling a tiny bit grumpy in the mornings at first, it’s working a treat. So be sure to pop in and say hello!



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