Introducing … Phil Tsangari – Head Bussy – The Boatbuilders Yard

A man who comes from St Albans north of London where there are more pubs per square mile than anywhere else in England would naturally gravitate to a job that sells good beverages. And Phil can’t doubt it – he absolutely loves working as head bussy at The Boatbuilders Yard. Not only because of the great people and the outdoor location but also because he can get cheap drinks and cheap food! – an absolute essential for any international student on a budget. Phil is studying sports science and sports psychology and as soon as he has graduated from Leeds, he will make a beeline back to Melbourne because ‘everything is amazing out here’.

Being a bussy at The Boatbuilders Yard Phil is constantly on the floor and has noticed it’s quite the spot for couples to come and have a quiet drink. When the occasional ladies drop in he has been known to work his charm if the opportunity arises. Ladies, here’s a hot tip – he’s a pisces and drinks bourbon and coke.

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