Kin San – sake consultant – Akachochin

Paul Mathis’ Akachochin is opening soon and Kin San, the sushi consultant, has also been hard at work compiling the sake list that will offer about 50 different kinds of sake – and we can’t wait to try them all.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with sake it is made from finely polished rice, water or brewing alcohol and koji mold. Like all good alcohol, one of the most important ingredients is the love and effort of the brewers!

There are two basic different types of sake – Futsuu-shu (ordinary sake) and Tokubetsu-meishou shu (special designation sake) – and these are judged by their combination of ingredients and the rice-polishing ratio. The higher the polished rice, the better the quality.

Sake is a very flexible drink – you can drink it at any temperature from chilled through to hot and in a variety of vessels. Akachochin will offer around 15 different ceramic and glass vessel for you to choose when you order your sake. One thing to remember though that by heating some types of sake it is possible to lose or change the flavour intended but there will always be help at hand to guide you.

At Akachochin you’ll be able to match your sake with the region that your dish is from – you’ll be able to literally eat and drink your way around Japan. And ex-Nobu head chef Kengo Hiramatsu will be taking you on a journey.

But, if you do overindulge and feel a little dusty the next day Kin San recommends you drink coffee, Japanese tea, eat porridge, potatoes or white radishes and of course drink plenty of water!

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