Introducing … Maarten Boef – Bar Supervisor – Meat Market

Maarten moved from literally the other side of the world – a town in the middle of the Netherlands called Utrecht – to Melbourne and over the past 18 months he has realised his hometown has quite a few similarities to Melbourne. The cultural scene is alive and well both here and in Utrecht with both cities enjoying fantastic art, food, music, and of course, coffee.

After eleven years of working in hospitality in Europe, Maarten thinks there’s some great benefit working in Melbourne like the weather (if you like four seasons in one day), the coffee and the laidback atmosphere. That’s why Maarten has decided to challenge us all a bit with a new cocktail – the egg and bacon.

The egg and bacon consists of bacon-infused brandy, rosemary syrup, apple juice, lime juice, egg whites and a little bit of sugar. Maarten says that the saltiness of the bacon is perfectly balanced with the citrus and sugar. It sounds a little crazy but it might just work! We’re looking forward to trying it.



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