Introducing … Stephanie Symes – The Common Man

Stephanie hails from Essex and has been in Australia the past 18 months and absolutely loves it. She has spent some time in Darwin where she ‘made friends with the lizards’ because they eat the creepy crawlies then once that friendship was solidified she made her way down the east coast to Melbourne.

Stephanie has been working at The Common Man since it first opened and has worked her way through the menu and picks the salad nicoise and the lamb pie as her favourites. The Common Man like to mix up their ‘house beer’ with ‘house cider’ which suits Stephanie as like many an English lass she enjoys a cider.

Stephanie was at the same school as Russell Brand so Australian men are quite a different breed to what she is used to. When she was in Bali Steph thought it was awesome an Aussie man volunteered to give her a surfing lesson. He must have been a great teacher as she stood up every time. Despite being wary of our sharky waters Stephanie is keen to surf some more so perhaps next time you visit The Common Man feel free to pass on some pointers – not of the great white kind.

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