Introducing … Roy Merrington – The Bridge

Roy has been working in hospitality for 14 years and with this knowledge and experience predicts that by next summer The Bridge is going to be ‘full-on’. He thinks the 270 degrees’ worth of windows with the sun streaming and a view of the Yarra in might have something to do with it – sounds like the perfect winter spot to visit as well.

Before he embarks on opening his own place in the high country, Roy is working at The Bridge at South Wharf as what he terms ‘an interim caretaker’. And you couldn’t ask for better care – he’s noticed that people come in for a couple of beers and stay for seven. Perhaps it’s the laidback space, great food and the full table service that could be to blame.

He recommends in winter you ‘settle in and comfy up’ in one of the couches and enjoy a cognac or a whiskey. If you fancy a nibble, the beer battered chips are so crispy ‘they’ll break if you drop them’. Drop them? Not likely!

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