Introducing … Chris Morton – The Bridge

Chris Morton declares that he’s a ‘night owl, always have been and always will be’ so you’ll more than likely meet him in the evening when he’s thinking about what cocktails he’s going to make. Chris is the kind of bartender everyone wishes to meet – he will make you a cocktail with ‘whatever you want in it’ – but as long he knows it will taste fantastic.

He’s been working in bars for the past seven years and a stint at Red Bennies really honed his cocktail skills. He’s a man that prefers to make sours and fizzes – his favourite is ‘an easy going’ spiced rum sour served in a short glass with a little bit of ice. Sounds like the perfect winter drink.

Working at The Bridge at South Wharf instead of a nightclub means he’s enjoying the Yarra view and has noticed the ‘weather changes every four minutes’ but that’s Melbourne for you. It certainly doesn’t stop the locals dropping in and saying hello at cocktail hour.

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