Five Quick Qs with Vas Donoudis

We sat down with our newest chef, Shed 5’s Vas Donoudis, and asked him five quick questions.

Q: If you had to describe your work at Shed 5 in three words, what would they be?
A: Rustic, wood, fire.

Q: What was the last great meal you enjoyed?
A: At The Bridge Room in Sydney – owned by Ross Lusted, who is also the chef, it was just awarded two hats in the The Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide. Ross serves interesting food that’s not too fussy but very original in that it comes from all types of cuisines and techniques, but is very natural on the plate.

Q: Do you have a go-to source for food and wine news?
A: Twitter (follow him @vasdonoudis), blogs and the food journos at The Age and The Australian.

Q: Is there any produce you’re feeling particularly passionate about right now?
A: All the Victorian meat, seafood, smallgoods, fruit and vegetables I know of and don’t know of yet. For the new season, I’ve added a Spring bean soup with stinging nettle and four cheese tortellini, as well as a a Spring Greek village salad, to the menu.

Q: Finally, is there a must-try dish on your menu at Shed 5?
A: My wood oven roasted half Bannockburn chicken. After 14-16 minutes in the wood fire, it’s as juicy and crisp a chicken as you will ever have.

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