Holden Hurricane visits South Wharf

You may have noticed a very special guest at Gasolina at South Wharf Promenade over the weekend – none other than the Holden Hurricane.

The Hurricane is a one-of-a-kind concept car originally built by Holden in 1969. In 2006, restoration of the vehicle started and it was completed in 2011 – quite a journey! The vehicle never went into production, which is a shame because it’s one sexy piece of machinery. However, that makes this one vehicle all the more special.

The Gasolina team are no strangers to building custom cars, and we had a chat with Carl Cerra, owner, custom motorcycle builder and designer of the Gasolina concept and Dean Johnson, owner, and corporate and event sales manager of Gasolina.

How did you manage to arrange a visit from the Hurricane?

Carl: My background is Automotive Design. I have worked for many car companies over the last 20 years – Holden, Ford, Toyota Australia and Japan, Audi Germany, BMW Germany and various satellite design studios around Australia and Europe.

What do you love about the Holden Hurricane?

Carl: The nostalgia. This is the Holden concept car made in 1969, which was fully restored a few years ago.

Holden Hurricane at Gasolina South Wharf Promenade Melbourne Australia

If you could build a concept vehicle for anyone – who would you build it for and what would it be?

Carl: I have built many concept cars over the years and some have gone into production. To name some: Holden Monaro, Ford Raptor, Pikes Peak show car (Audi Q7), Z8 BMW.

If Lindsay Fox paid enough money, I’d get a team to build a monster concept car to put in his auto museum.

If you’ve been dreaming about your own custom vehicle, Gasolina creates custom motorcycles and Carl is an experienced clay modeller of concept cars. If beer and a snack is more your thing, Gasolina has a fantastic menu of pizza and snacks, and plenty of beer on tap.

Holden Hurricane at Gasolina South Wharf Promenade Melbourne Australia

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