A Chat with BangPop

Who is the chef at BangPop?

Kam McManamey (Ex-Dandielion)


How is the Thai street food served at BangPop different to the Thai food Melburnians would be used to?

We do Thai Street Food which has not been done like this in Melbourne. Nothing comes from a jar, everything is made from scratch in-house and the heat factor is the same as you would find in Bangkok. All dishes on the menu are traditional and made with the same ingredients. The specials menu which changes weekly is where Kam can experiment in non-traditional Thai dishes.


What’s your favourite beverage and food match at BangPop?

Our BangKok inspired cocktails include TOM YAM SIAM Vodka, lychee, fresh lime juice, red chilli and kafir lime leaves which goes perfectly with what has become one of our signature dishes: KOR MOO YANG marinated chargrilled pork neck w/ nam jim saap and sticky rice.


What’s the story behind your Duplo installations?

The Duplo has been left over from the Sharing House days but blends perfectly with the eclectic theme of BangPop.


Do people need to book? What’s the best number for reservations?

We take bookings for groups of 10+. Call (03) 9245 9800 for enquiries or visit BangPop.com.au.

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