Dos and Don’ts for The Office Xmas Party

The Christmas season is fast approaching and The Showtime crew thought they would share some ideas with you that might make your job easier when planning this year’s Christmas party. Here’s their pick of the Dos & Don’ts ….

Do attend. Even if its optional it shows you are a part of the team.

Don’t spend all evening talking business with colleagues. You will be forever labeled as the office bore.

Do keep your drink in your left hand. No one wants a wet, cold handshake.

Don’t treat the office party like a singles bar. These are your work colleagues!

Do get involved, Everyone loves a team player so don’t stand in a dark corner checking in on Facebook or posting on Instagram.

Don’t dress inappropriately. If you cant get away with it in the office, in most cases you shouldn’t wear it to the Christmas party. Try dressing a little more festive then your everyday work clothes, you know what to do.

Do drink in moderation. Remember its not a race and there is most likely a long night ahead of you.

Don’t leave to soon. Show your appreciation of a fantastic party by sticking it out and listening to the speeches.


Thanks Showtime Events Centre for these great tips!

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