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With so many coffee beans on offer it can be a daunting task choosing beans to take home for your cuppa.

There are some essential things to consider when selecting your coffee beans. We spoke with coffee roaster Adam Brady from Charlie Lovett about choosing beans.


The first thing to consider is what kind of machinery you have at home to brew the coffee. That determines the type of roast to select. Things like pour-overs, or filtered coffee makers, percolators and even plungers, require a lighter roast; a darker roast would over-extract quite quickly and it would taste quite bitter or even burnt. If you have an espresso machine, then you can use a darker espresso roast.


Once you’ve established the type of roast, we move onto flavour profiles. If you are after body, then we generally recommend a Colombian or a Brazilian coffee – these coffees naturally have a lot more body and depth. We have some fantastic microlot coffees which are very famous for their body and character. When describing flavour, we use descriptions like ‘fruity and zesty’, ‘sweet and chocolaty’ and even ‘earthy’.


Vibrant, citrusy coffees often come from Africa and they’re generally best served black. Coffees from towards the top of South America – Guatemala and Honduras – can be super duper sweet because of the amount of water that the plants get – so the flesh of the coffee beans generally have an intense sweetness locked into them. Generally coffee from Guatemala would be very chocolaty and coffee from Honduras would be very vanilla-ry. It’s like a Neapolitan ice cream, you always end up eating one part of that ice cream more than the other – I generally demolish the chocolate before I touch anything else.


– Don’t keep your coffee in the fridge or freezer! There are a few major enemies of coffee: light, air, moisture and temperature. Charlie Lovett’s packets are seal well and have an air valve – put them in a dark place in the pantry.

– If you can, grab yourself a grinder for home – your coffee will keep for a lot longer.

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