Gab’s Top 17 Aussie Summer Beers

Australians have always been known for their love of beer, but it’s only been in recent times that Aussies have become a force on the craft beer scene. Beer-enthusiast and General Manager of The Boatbuilders Yard, Gabriel Presutto says Aussie brewers are going great guns. “I think we’re going absolutely fantastic. Two years ago I would go to a craft beer show and you might get a couple of good ones; now each stall has a beer that is fantastic. America leads the way but we are catching up.”

Gab’s kindly carefully researched his favourite Aussie Summer beers that are readily available. Here they are!

McLaren Vale Beer Company – Vale Ale IPA

A trend you’re seeing in Australia is the IPA [India Pale Ale – heavy on the hops]. I can easily have a session on this IPA from McLaren Vale in South Australia, and recommend it to anyone.

Hargreaves Hill ESB

The Hargreaves Hill ESB [Extra Special Bitter] is great on a bit of a cooler night, for something a bit more full-flavoured, a bit heavier. The Hargreaves Hill brewery is in the Yarra Valley and they’ve got a restaurant in Yarra Glen where you can go and have a beer – worth seeing if you’re in the area.

Melbourne Bitter

This is the beer I drank when I was younger. It’s an old favourite of mine. (I’m showing my age – all the young kids drink VB now.)

Matilda Bay Brewing Company – Alpha Pale Ale *

The Alpha Pale Ale won a lot of awards years ago. It’s still a great beer and you can find it on tap.

Brew Cult – Hop Zone Session IPA *

Some young guys just coming into the mix are the guys behind Brew Cult. This beer has a great hops flavour and good balance.

South East Brewing Company – Monster Mash Double IPA

This is a phenomenal beer if you can find it. It’s stronger in alcohol and hard to find, but so worth it to chase it down. It was the first beer launched by this brewer and everyone in the industry took notice.

Bridge Road Brewers – Beechworth Pale Ale *

This is a simple, easy-drinking Pale Ale with enough flavour to satisfy a craft beer drinker, but good for sessions too.

Holgate Brewhouse – Road Trip American IPA

Holgate’s brewhouse is in Woodend. It’s at the end of the train line, so you can get the train, have a couple of beers and come back into town. Worth a visit.

Mornington Peninsula Brewery – Pale Ale

This American-style pale ale is a really good-drinking sessional pale ale, especially in the afternoon.

Moo Brew – Pilsner

The Moo Brew Pilsner, from Tasmania, is slightly more expensive than other pilsners, but well worth it. It’s got a great, light flavour and makes a great sessional beer.

Mountain Goat – Summer Ale

This is a great beer and it’s the first craft beer available in cans – fantastic for when you’re going camping or to musical festivals. Mountain Goat first did a limited run of the cans and it’s just gone epic, everyone wants them.

Gabriel Presutto General Manager The Boatbuilders Yard South Wharf Promenade Melbourne Australia hug beer

Boatrocker – Alpha Queen

Alpha Queen has been around for a while and is one of my old favourite go-to beers. It’s heavy, but still easy to drink on a cool night. Start off with Alpha Queen and your palette will walk up the mountain of hops!

Matso’s Broome Brewery – Ginger Beer

Although this is not technically a beer, Matso’s Ginger Beer is simple great, easy-drinking ginger beer. If you’re feeling parched, it’s stinking hot and you don’t feel like a cider, this is great. The ginger isn’t too heavy or hot on the tongue, it’s just refreshing.

2 Brothers Brewery – James Brown Ale

The James (Belgian) Brown Ale is brewed with Belgian ale yeast and is absolutely amazing. Although it’s not available at the moment, I’m hoping it will be back for Winter. Meanwhile, try the 2 Brothers American Growler.

Murray’s Craft Brewing Co. – Whale Ale

This beer from Port Stephens in NSW has a fantastic name. It’s a really easy-drinking beer that you can easily share with friends. It’s not too heavy and not too light; simple and easy to drink but still offers enough flavour to satisfy.

Feral Brewing – Feral White *

The Feral White is one of the most awarded white beers in Australia. It’s from WA and not always easy to find but worth getting your hands on. It’s great example of a white beer and good if you feel like a refreshing, fruity, unfiltered beer – something different.

Beard and Brau – Bon Chiens Saison

This is a French farmhouse ale with a high alcohol percentage. It’s got that lovely sweet and malt flavour to it with a little bit of hops.

* Often available at The Boatbuilders Yard.

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