5 Minutes with the Rock’A’Dees

Gretsch guitars, American drums, driving double bass and a love for Rockabilly & Rock’n’Roll are what tattooed musos the Rock’A’dees are all about.

We had a chat with the Rock’A’Dees about their plans for 2014 and their upcoming debut CD “Stomp”.

How did you meet?

Dizzy (vocals and lead guitar) and Havoc (drums and backing vocals) floated around the same music scenes over the years but had never collaborated on any musical projects before. Shaun was between bands and Dizzy was looking for a drummer around the end of 2012. Burko (bass and backing vocals) moved over from WA to play bass in the band in mid 2013, prior to that we had been using talented local bass players as fill-ins for our shows.

How many instruments do you have between you?

The band is a three piece live band consisting of guitar, drums and bass. As far as actual instruments we have around eight guitars, six drum kits and four double basses between us, surprisingly enough most of the guitars, two basses and two drum kits belong to Dizzy.


Did you always know what kind of experience you wanted the Rock’A’Dees to deliver or has it changed over time?

The objective of the band has always been to play the music we love to people at our shows, we enjoy playing and this transfers across to the patrons at the gigs. We have professional gear and aim to deliver the best show we can every time we play.

When did you first start playing at Gasolina?

Our first Gasolina gig was the 20th of July 2013. We immediately connected with the venue and what the Gasolina crew are doing with their business, we have played their at least once a month since, including headlining the first birthday party on Australia Day 2014.

How would you describe your gigs at Gasolina to someone who hadn’t seen live rockabilly music before?

The standard answer would be to refer people to the Stray Cats as a reference point from a very basic sense. We are a three piece band playing covers of 50s and 60s Rock’N’Roll and Rockabilly tunes plus a growing number of our own original material. The band is high energy and good fun, we make a point of interacting with the crowd and delivering the maximum amount of tunes available in the time we play. A good, tight, hard working Melbourne band. Merch is available at our shows and our logo was designed by world famous Kustom Culture artist Vince Ray.

Do you have an all time favourite song or a song you never want to play again?

We have so many favourite songs. We love playing Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent and Jerry Lee Lewis tunes. Most of the Sun Studios recording artists from the 50s we touch on at some point. Our original tune Memphis Town references eight Sun artists of that period. I don’t think there is any particular 50s type song we would not want to play, we love all of the stuff from that era. This music was pivotal as a reference for so many bands that came after the 1950s. The Beatles, The Stones and even artists like Led Zeppelin acknowledge the pioneers of the 50s.

What are you up to in 2014?

2014 is busy for us , we have a show every month at Gasolina plus bookings elsewhere locally and interstate, the band has approximately six weekends left in the entire year that we don’t have a booking to play. International interest in what we are doing has picked up, our debut CD “Stomp” is getting airplay in the USA and Europe and we are looking to visit these places to play in 2015.

We’re currently number 1 on the Victorian & National Reverbnation charts for Rockabilly and sitting at number 4 worldwide after a few weeks at number 1.

The Rock’A’Dees play at Gasolina monthly (next gig is 8 March 2014), head over to the Rock’A’Dees’ Facebook for gig details. We wish the Rock’A’Dees the very best for their busy 2014 touring schedule, as well as for their debut CD “Stomp”.


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