Melbourne Long Weekend Staycation

The long weekend is coming, but there’s no need to book plane tickets. We live in one of the best cities in the world – why not have yourself a staycation? There are plenty of things we’re always meaning to do – and the long weekend is just the time to explore your city like a tourist.

Here are some of our favourite things to do to pass the time.



No surprises here – we love, love, love to eat. Take your time one afternoon and meander down South Wharf Promenade having a drink and a nibble at a few establishments. A progressive lunch of your own making that finishes after dinner! On Fridays and Saturdays you’re sure to run into some live music at South Wharf too!


Wander through the city and explore all those alleyways you’ve never been down. Sure – they’re not all filled with amazing bars, but plenty are – and failing that, you can bet you’ll see some fantastic graffiti.


Learn to use that camera (remember those?) you’ve got hidden in the back of your cupboard, or just take your trusty mobile and snap scenes that please you. A wander along the Yarra is sure to turn up many a pretty scene.

Good Friday Appeal at South Wharf Promenade


Our neighbours DFO South Wharf always have plenty of bargains – and with a weekend to relax you can take your time checking out what’s on offer. Ask any retailer or one of the South Wharf Promenade restaurants for a parking ticket for half price parking at DFO South Wharf – another bargain!


Green spaces

Take a walk through the beautiful Royal Botanic Gardens, Carlton Gardens or Treasury Gardens. You’ll be amazed how an hour lying around in the grass will make you feel.


When’s the last time you saw something live on stage? Check out what’s on at your favourite theatre, or visit Halftix and take a punt on what’s on offer.


So your place isn’t so far from the city, but does it have freshly cleaned sheets, room service and a sparkling bath? Didn’t think so. Check out some of our gorgeous neighbours – the beautiful Hilton South Wharf is worth a visit just to see what’s going on in the foyer.

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