Top 5 Melbourne International Jazz Festival events

Sure, there’s always a festival in Melbourne, but one of our very favourites has got to be the Melbourne International Jazz Festival. It’s just so darn cool. With loads of gigs from lunchtime sets for nix to international superstars that will cost you a few clams, there’s something for everyone. (Yes even if you think jazz is lift music… we promise you’ll find some you like).

Here are our top 5 gigs this Melbourne International Jazz Festival.

Free Lunchtime Jazz with The Furbelows at St James

Enjoy this jaunty gypsy jazz group for nix on your lunchbreak.

Glenn Miller Orchestra

There is nothing, nothing like an orchestra – except perhaps an orchestra complete with a swing dance ensemble and singers. If you’re a fan of Moonlight Serenade, In The Mood, Tuxedo Junction and the Chattanooga Choo Choo, this is for you!

Davi Sings Sinatra

All those songs Buble sings so well? Well turns out someone sang them before him. In many cases that someone was Frank Sinatra. Robert Davi may not be Sinatra, but gosh, close your eyes and he’s close enough.

Davi Sings Sinatra

Dear Blossom

Never heard of Blossom Dearie? Nevermind, the lovely Fem Belling will walk you through Blossom’s music and adventures.

Fem Belling 2 (1)

Daniel Zamir & Tomer Bar

Jewish folk music meets contemporary jazz with this sax and piano duo.


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