Our top five Melbourne International Animation Festival picks

MIAF is about to hit the screens with a whopping eleven day celebration of animated art! From exercising elephants to rabbits in suits there’s something for everyone. These are our top 5 picks:

Australian Showcase + meet the filmmakers
Saturday, 21 June, 6pm

Check out some of Australia’s best animations from the unlucky-in-employment tale, Position Vacant to explaining what a condom is to a child in Condom. And the knotty world of Crochet Noir.

Position VacantCondom Crochet Noir

Music Video Program
Sunday, 27 June, 6:30pm Free!

Check out animated music videos from all over the world!

Kids Program
Saturday, 28 June, 11am – 2pm Free!

Drop in for the whole session or come and go as you please. Animations include the beautiful 7 Tonnes 3, where an elephant goes to the gym, Serious and Bert – two woodland pals clashing over preparing for winter or living it up and Twins in Bakery – where the bakery closes and the food comes to life overnight!

7 Tonnes 3  Serious and Bert Twins in Bakery

South American Showcase 2: Stories, myth + music
Tuesday, 24 June, 8pm

South American animations are renowned for their moving animations touching on lost cultures, political events and nature. This showcase hones in on stories, myth and music. Pieces include the journey of a tortured soul in Lucia, the adventures of a rabbit in a suit in Ed, and Pinchaque, The Colombian Tapir highlighting the plight of this rare animal.

Sacrebleu Showcase (PARIS)
Sunday, 22 June, 7:30pm

Sacrebleu is a renowned production and distribution studio which has created over 40 films to critical acclaim. Sample some of their best works including My little brother from the moon – where a little girl tries to understand her autistic brother, a man trying to find himself in Moi and Where dogs die – an exploration of the sixth sense of our canine friends.

For a full program, visit www.miaf.net/

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