Our Top Five MIFF Picks

The Melbourne International Film Festival turns 62 this year – that makes it one of the longest-running film festivals in the world. Although it’s international, the festival also plays a huge role in supporting Australian films and show biz talent. Here’s our top five of MIFF 2014.

Advanced Style

MIFF - Advanced Style

Follow New York photographer Ari Seth Cohen on his hunt for fabulously dressed seniors. Expect straight-up opinions and sartorial excellence from ladies and gents aged 60 – 90. Brilliant.


MIFF - Boyhood

Ever noticed how the kid in the childhood flashback of some films doesn’t really resemble their adult self? Filmmaker Richard Linklater has overcome that by simply filming his work over 12 years. The film follows Mason’s journey from six to 18. Actor Ellar Coltrane plays Mason, and filming begun in 2002.

Stray Dogs

MIFF - Stray Dogs

If you’re after a proper tear-jerker look no further than Stray Dogs – the story of a single Dad living on the streets of Taipei. Created by celebrated director Tsai Mingliang, it follows the family’s experience through the father’s breakdown, and a local shopkeeper taking the children in. The


MIFF - The Grandmaster

Who taught Bruce Lee martial arts? Tony Leung, that’s who. Follow the great man’s story in this film where martial arts meets a Romeo and Juliet-esque love affair.

Clara and the Secret of the Bears

Suitable for adults and teens, Clara and the Secret of the Bears follows the stories of two young teenagers who lived centuries apart, but are united in their passion for protecting wild bears. In each of their experiences, local people buy in to the story of a bear-woman who cursed the village and as a result, the bears are put at risk. The film is in German with English subtitles.

Melbourne International Film Festival runs from 31 July – 17 August 2014.

Tickets are available from miff.com.au

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