Top ten benefits of Yoga

So you know yoga’s good for you – but do you know just how good for you? Very good – here’s our top ten benefits!

  1. Balance – if you’re a little out of whack, yoga can help you regain balance
  2. Sleep better – not just on the floor during relaxation – at home in bed
  3. No slouching – strengthen that core and you’ll soon be sitting properly at your desk
  4. Looser jeans – yoga can help you lose weight
  5. Lovely muscles – have you noticed how toned yoga instructors are?
  6. Brains – regular yoga can help improve memory and concentration
  7. De-stress – let it allll go
  8. Flexibility – just in case you need to touch your toes
  9. Breathing – sure, we don’t forget to breathe, but we do forget to breathe deeply
  10. Great joints – do you have joints that creak? Gentle yoga can coax them into calm

Get your coffee fix and your yoga fix at Charlie Lovett. Yoga instructor Katrien Van Huyck will be taking weekly classes in the riverside room. For a limited time, classes are available for $20 with a tea or coffee. Contact Aleia on 0401 163 935

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