Meet Plus 5’s Gray Allsbury

From sunny Byron Bay via the subterranean cave of Go Go (under Chin Chin) comes the talented Gray Allsbury.

Gray is known for his knack for turning businesses around, and says in addition to understanding the market and what has worked at other establishments, it’s important to spend time listening to feedback before making changes. “Listening to the guests and customers, and the staff, about what they want and giving it to them. I think that’s pretty easy,” he says.

With a love of cocktails and good times, he’s set to shake up Plus 5. “I see great potential with this place,” he says. “I want to shoot for that sexy cocktail lounge feel.” In addition to classic leather couches, and opening later at night, the perfect ingredient is the right cocktail barman – who Gray has recruited.

“He’s 32 years old, he’s got about 20 years experience in bars, he’s very savvy cocktail-wise and very excited about coming in and manipulating the cocktail menu in a very positive way,” says Gray.

Plus 5 will also continue to operate as a function venue – something Gray is keen to encourage. “Weddings, private parties, anything to do with functions I love,” he says. “I think it works out as a fun night for both the guests and the staff as well. I love doing them and I really see this place as being great function private party hall.”

With The Cargo Hall next door combined with Plus 5 there is capacity for over 600 people. Plus 5 on its own can cater for up to 200 people using the inside and outside spaces.

Plus 5’s Gray Allsbury

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