{Recipe} Bangpop’s Red Duck Curry

When it’s cold outside there’s nothing quite like a curry with a bit of spice to heat you up from the inside out. Bangpop has so kindly shared the recipe for their Red Duck Curry with us, and not only does it pack a punch but it’s also seriously delicious!

BangPop’s Red curry paste 700-800 gms


16 gm dried chilli
400g peeled shallot
110 gm garlic
45 gm galangal-fresh
40 gm lemongrass-fresh
16 gm coriander root
1 gm black peppercorn
19 gm salt crystals
6 gm roasted coriander seed
20 gm roasted cumin
10 gm shrimp paste
60 gm fresh long red chilli’s
12 gm frozen birds eye


  1. Soak the dry chilli in boiled water for 1 hr.
  2. Roast and grind the seeds separately.
  3. Puree all ingredients except the shrimp paste, add shrimp paste and continue to fine paste.

To cook out 700ml approx. 


3 tablespoon vegetable oil
160gm curry paste
400 ml coconut cream
200 ml chicken stock
20ml fish sauce
30 ml water
30 gm palm sugar water


  1. Dissolve the palm sugar into the water and keep to the side.
  2. Cook out the paste and oil from cold start. (10 minutes on low-medium heat)
  3. When fragrant and oil is starting to split add cream and stock.
  4. Bring to the simmer and turn off.
  5. Season with fish sauce, palm sugar and water.

Adjust for balance.

Bangpop's Curry

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