{Recipe} Japanese Hot Pot

When it comes to wintery days, there’s nothing quite like a Japanese hot pot to warm you from the inside out. Akachochin kindly shared their beautiful Yose Nabe Yaki Udon recipe with us.


1.1L Dashi stock (made from Bonito flake and Konbu (kelp)
100ml Light soy sauce
100ml Mirin
1 portion ball of Udon noodle
2 pieces Prawn cutlet
3 pieces Mussel
20gm Chicken thigh
1 piece Shiitake mushroom
20gm Fish
40gm Chinese cabbage
1 piece Egg
a few of Kikuna (Japanese rocket)
Chopped Spring onion



  1. Make dashi stock. Put a piece of konbu in a pot of cool water, and put the water on to boil. Just before the water starts to boil (around 90degrees) remove the konbu. Add a small handful of bonito flakes and then bring to boil. Simmer around 1∼2 mins then strain it.
  2. Make nabe dashi. ⎯ Mix dashi stock, light soy and mirin in a pot then heat until it is boiling. Precook prawn, chicken, fish, shiitake and mussel in nabe dashi then remove.
  3. Cook udon noodle. ⎯Put udon noodle and nabe dashi into the hot pot. Add pre-cooked ingredients, Chinese cabbage and egg on the udon noodle. Heat it up until all ingredients are cooked. You can skim off the top layer before serving if you like.
  4. Finish.⎯Garnish with kikuna and chopped spring onion before you serve. If you like spicy food – we use shichimi pepper (Japanese seven spice chilli).


Note: Yose nabe means mixed hot pot. So you can choose any ingredients you have available: seafood, meat and vegetable whatever you want!


Japanese hot pot

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